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‘We’d be delighted to hear from those who have heard us in concert or who have listened to ‘Borealis the songs of Robert colour. Let us know what you think. Be kind please... we’re the creative, sensitive type....!’


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‘If you go to the more archives page, you’ll find a sample ‘gig’ list.

Borealis don’t fall into the ‘wedding band’ or ‘ceilidh band’ bracket of entertainment. Borealis is more niche than that. We love what we do and are passionate about live music.

We believe that everyone deserves a wee night out with some live music now and again, so we try to do genuine community and ‘good will’ events if we can alongside our bigger gigs.

Our ‘favourite’ audience size is around 70-180 people, but we’ve played to a lot less! (and a lot more....)

We keep our costs/fee as reasonable as we can and take into account:

The credit crunch!



audience size, ticket prices (if any), distance, whether a community or corporate event,  a funded or charity event, a hotel lounge for an evening, an anniversary, a festival, a Burns night or private function.

We want our music to be heard!

We find we can supplement our fee with CD sales at venues where we play. This is our approach in trying to incorporate community events, clubs and societies where possible.

We’re not a band who does the circuit every night. We limit our appearances through the year and therefore approach each event as a ‘one off’, tailor made to your needs.

We provide our own PA system … which has capacity for an audience of up to about 300+ But we’re not ‘loud’. Sometimes the guys’ Borealis shirts are a bit loud, but they turn their volume down by washing them.

Our needs are simple…a smile, a welcome, a few words of kindness, perhaps a warm hug of a cold winters night … maybe the odd tear as we leave …

We are reliable to a fault. We prefer the slightly more ‘mature’ age group, as our mixed programme is loveably ‘nostalgic’ ... just like us.’

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telephone: 01290 552284

To contact Borealis email:


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